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Given our commitment to championing change within the asset management industry we frequently share our perspectives on investment, sustainability and leadership topics.  Vocal and public advocacy at industry conferences and client events also forms a critical part of our stewardship efforts, providing foundational strength to the practice of investing and reinforcing the benefits of a long-term mindset within capital markets.

Speaking engagements

Responsible Asset Owners Symposium
‘How to Build Back Better in the investment industry
Webcast, June 2021

Responsible Asset Owners Symposium
‘Unintended Consequences in ESG Investing

Webcast, June 2021

Women in Investing Network of Philadelphia
‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How to Turn a Step Back into a Leap Forward’
Webcast, May 2021

Jamesbeck Webinar Series
‘ESG: Discovering New Opportunities on the Horizon’
Webcast, March 2021

Women in Impact (WIN) Invest Series
‘Making ESG and Impact ‘Real’ for Advisor Clients’
Webcast, December 2020

Bruin Financial ESG Series: Focused on the “S” in ESG
‘Practical Ways to Leverage the Best of Gender and Ethnicity Diversity’
Webcast, November 2020

Women in Asset Management Summit
‘Should Diversity be Forced?’
Webcast, September 2020

Invest in Women Conference
‘The Gender Pay Gap: Why Should Investors And Clients Care?’
Webcast, August 2020

RIAA RI Australia 2020
‘How to Consider Benchmarks in an Age of Responsible Investment & Passive Investing’
Webcast, August 2020

Pension Bridge ESG Summit
‘Practical Steps to Improving Diversity and Inclusion in the Asset Management Industry’
San Diego, February 2020

Bloomberg Global Responsible Investing Forum
‘What’s Next for Climate Action Investment’
New York, December 2019

Bloomberg Live Breakaway CEO Summit
‘How do CEO’s & Founders of Companies Recruit and Retain the Best Talent?’
London, November 2019

Skytop Strategies ESG Integration Summit
‘Climate Focused “Listed Impact” Investing’
Stockholm, October 2019

Skytop Strategies Impact Investing Conference
‘Attracting Big Capital: Is Impact Possible within Listed Equities?’
Boston, September 2019

Expert Meeting on Climate Change
‘Climate Focused Investing: from Carbon Reduction to UNSDG-alignment’
Amsterdam, June 2019

Australia Research Roundtable Client Event
“Navigating the Near Term While Focusing on the Long Term”
Sydney and Melbourne, May 2019

Skytop Strategies Diversity Forum : Gender Diversity in the C-Suite
‘Through an Investors Lens: the Diversity Path to Value Creation’
‘Personal Reflections on Diversity in Asset Management’
Chicago, March 2019

Institutional Investor Forum Japan
‘ESG Investing – Entering a new stage’
Tokyo, October 2018

Institutional Client and Consultant Event
‘Diversity as a Profitability Moat’
Stockholm, October 2018

Consultant Research Roundtable
‘How Diversity can Preserve and Drive Future Profitability’
London, October 2018

Australia Research Roundtable 
‘Does Diversity Provide a Profitability Moat?’
Sydney and Melbourne, October 2018

RIAA : New Zealand Responsible Investment Conference
‘Leading ESG Research’
Auckland, September 2018

UNPRI TCFD Preparers Forum
‘ESG and Climate’
‘A novel approach to carbon pricing’
San Francisco, September 2018

Bloomberg Invest
‘Top Quants on Big Data and Disruption’
New York, June 2018

RI Asia Japan Conference
‘Collaborating on Climate Change and Adapting to a Low Carbon Economy’
Tokyo, April 2018

Phenix Capital Impact Summit Europe
‘Defining Impact and Sustainable Development Investing’
The Hague, March 2018

Macro and Climate Outlook Institutional Client Event
‘ESG integration and Climate Change’
Amsterdam, December 2017

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