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We are regularly asked for our thoughts on the intersection between ESG principles and investment practice, and the importance of developing a sustainable culture.

To share perspective is to fuel debate and promote awareness, as these examples will hopefully do.

Over time, as with most acronyms or catchy labels (like ‘Smart Beta’), ESG has come to mean a variety of things to a wide range of investors. From values-driven exclusions, to tilting indices using ESG scores from mainstream providers, to activist-driven strategies...

As we turned the corner into 2023, both the concepts embedded in ESG and the acronym itself became squarely part of the popular consciousness in the United States...

As investors who have been using ESG and impact information to analyze investments for some time, 2022 stands out as a year in which ESG moved beyond becoming mainstream to becoming reviled by some, and more deeply embraced by others.




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