Radiant approach

As early adopters of the view that ESG considerations represent economic insights, we have put those beliefs to work by building ESG-integrated investment solutions for the world’s most sophisticated asset owners, developing approaches that meet and exceed their rigorous due diligence and regulatory requirements. Our experience in building custom investment solutions gives us unique insights into how best to tailor ESG approaches to fit specific client segments and markets. We offer tangible and actionable recommendations to clients interested in advancing their ESG programs.

We are longstanding advocates for diversity and inclusion and are passionate about progressing initiatives which emphasize the importance of cultural resilience and sustainable leadership. Having built and led exceptionally diverse teams, we have seen firsthand the tangible benefits in action. We look forward to sharing specific recommendations with clients interested in improving their diversity and inclusion outcomes.

Corporate consulting services

As investors with decades of experience analyzing companies, we are well positioned to share our insight with corporations on the economic importance of diversity and inclusion and ESG matters more generally. As proponents of improving the breadth and comparability of ESG information, we are eager to guide clients through the increasingly complex maze of ESG-related requests they receive from various constituents.

Asset management services

We are passionate advocates for the asset management industry and seek to encourage all managers to pursue evolutionary changes that we believe will help investors, markets and communities alike. We provide confidential feedback to managers wanting to make improvements or simply consult with other experienced ESG investors regarding the efficacy of their programs. Additionally, our backgrounds in quantitative investing, and our direct experience with most of the commercially-available ESG data sets, allow us to help asset managers prioritize and streamline their data needs.

Family office and advisory service

For those wanting to hire project-based ESG resources or an ‘outsourced ESG expert’ we are here to help. We work with clients to develop appropriate programs, targeted communications, and reporting. We can evaluate existing investments through an ESG lens, and act as a readily available research resource on ESG trends, developments and data providers.

Teach-In services

We offer thematic and management teach-ins to any group wanting to improve their subject matter expertise on ESG or diversity and inclusion best practices. Our focus will always be on the economic impact of environmental, social and governance themes, grounded in science-based research. By establishing a framework, providing high quality content, and guiding an intellectually honest discussion we can help organizations more productively approach ESG and diversity subjects… even the contentious ones!

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